Raises Your Game

For anyone who wants to buy a golf bag, there are several things to consider and the brand is not necessarily one of them:
* SizeWhen it comes to golf bags, size does matter. Some travel bags appear to be large enough to double as a shelter in a storm, while I have seen golf bags so small it looks like it could have no more than a putter and a driver. So how big of a golf bag do you really need? Try to determine your current needs based on current equipment. Then think about how your list of teams can change and grow for the projected life of the bag.    * DurabilityThe durability of a golf bag depends on the design, materials and treatment. If you are a casual player that stores your golf bag in the house after use, you can enjoy a nylon bag that is not very expensive.If you are a frequent player and keep your golf bag in the trunk of his car, then you probably want a bag made of leather or vinyl. Remember, the golf bag is not only to carry the clubs, is also its protection.
* StyleDepending on how you move around the course, have to decide between a carry bag and cart bag.A stock car is good if you use a golf cart frequently. shopping bags are also designed for use with a car exhaust.When considering a cart bag, consider also the type of car you drive to use. Test ease of movement and comfort of the handle at an angle of preferred transport. Check if any of the features that will help transport the golf bag are adjustable, as the center of gravity will vary depending on the load in the bagIf you're used to walking, you should look for a golf bag weight is comfortable, lightweight and ergonomically designed to minimize pressure on the back and shoulders. Many of the new gel packs that carry straps for comfort.

   * Depth / DesignIf prolonged use long lines ... ensure that the golf bag is considered adequately protect both the shaft as possible and comes with enough club dividers to meet your needs.
*Cosmetics The color and the accessories are really a matter of taste, need and the extra money they are willing to spend.Some players want to pack their bags unique. Some just want a place to put their clubs.
* StorageNo matter how often you play golf at some point in the golf bag will have to be stored somewhere. Make sure the size golf bag you buy will fit in the area where it is stored.


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