Love Games

Why People Must Play Games

# It's a human nature and we must obey that nature but do not allow that nature control you. Many people give in too much to this cravings and it end up their lives so unproductive. Life must be balance. Play games that fit to your skill and personality to be more productive and alive.

# It Revitalize Strengths

I believe that happy people are strong people. By having leisure in life in the park, in the beach, in the school, in the internet café, and in you homes with your pc or laptops; you can gain benefits every time you are playing games. It's obvious that people who are having enjoyment are happy. You can see their concentration and focus to the activity they are participating that leads them to a happy and having a satisfaction in their lives. When people are happy and satisfy they are strong. Just like the reader's digest saying "laughter is the best medicine".

# Produces a Healthy Mind

Since we have this natural cravings to have fun, every time you play your mind is working to let you handle or cope up challenges and difficulties in the game. The moment you are playing the mind will work hard and retain those skills you've earn in the game and make it as a reinforcement every time you face the same challenges and difficulties to its potential in order for you to win and pass the challenge. After you pass the challenge, your mind now can anticipate the next challenges and has the potential to win the game. Sometimes we fail to win but it is not final. The more you play the more the mind become so active and sharp. The more you train your mind the more it becomes effective and healthy.


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