Buying The Best Gaming HDTV Information

Following are the things you should look out for when opting to buy HDTV.
1. Understanding the HDTV features
Game mode is an essential combination of all features on a unit. It makes playing games an exciting experience. When selecting HDTV, look for these following features:
Input lag: this is the response time of the controller to the screen which is very important to every game. The shorter the response time the better.

Refresh rate: this is the number of times per second the screen updates.
Resolution: the higher the resolution is, the clearer the picture gets.
Contrast: this is the level of granularity which deals with the light and color variance. The higher the contrast ratio is the better.
3D Feature: 3D is gaining popularity today. People have seen 3D movies and since then people are in to it. The same goes in gaming. If you want an ultimate gaming experience, look for this magnificent HDTV feature.

2. Decide whether LED/LCD or Plasma
LED/LCD provides sharper edge making the images sharper, clearer and brighter. It is best for still images but plasma react much to quicker to moving pictures making motion smoother.

3. Size
Size must be appropriate to your space. HDTV is useless if it is too big or too small to your room area. You may ask for the viewing distance range chart to help you choose the appropriate size of HDTV.


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